Family Newsletter 10/1/2017

Family Newsletter 10/1/2017


Hi families! We hope you are having a great weekend. Please see below for recent and upcoming updates.



As you know, we recently had our third annual Olympus Camping Trip! Despite the ban on fires, we did our best to make it great for students. Students were able to spend time with their mentor groups, participate in breakout sessions ranging from football to hiking to a hair salon, and witness a talent show that had 14 student acts. We are grateful to all the students who had the courage to participate and show their skills!

Chess Tournament

The Olympus Chess Club culture is beginning! Coach Chris has purchased chess boards and chess timers for our students to teach patience and decision making. The lunch room is alive with competitive chess games during students breaks. We will be establishing our first leaderboard this week. Let the chess wars begin! All students are welcome.

Expeditions Launched This Past Friday

This past Friday, students began their Expeditions. As a reminder, here is information about our Expeditions Program with a list of the courses offered. We hope your students had a great first day! Overall, we saw high levels of engagement in courses and were really proud of the students curiosity in their courses. Please talk with your student about their experience on the first day of Expeditions!


Many courses have big projects due this week and next week. Please check in with your student about their progress in school, and check out their Summit Learning Platform to make sure they are on track. If you still need a log-in to be able to access this, please email and I will get you one quickly.


Thank you to everybody who was able to make it to Back to School Night! In case you missed it or would like a refresher, we here is the Slide Show we presented to families.  You can always reach out to the school leaders, your students teachers, or mentor should you have other questions.


Please read Diane Tavenner’s – Co-Founder and CEO of Summit Public Schools – statement on DACA, which also reflects the views of Summit Olympus. (Click here for Spanish version)
I am deeply saddened by the decision made by the Trump Administration earlier this month to end the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program. I am sure that this creates immense anxiety for Summit “Dreamer” families and all of us who are committed to serving every student, no matter their citizenship status. The decision stands in complete contrast to our organization’s commitment to welcoming and serving a diverse student population. Summit Dreamers embody the mission of our organization. They work incredibly hard to overcome obstacles, distinguish themselves academically, and contribute positively to their communities. Summit Dreamers — and all Dreamers throughout our country — deserve protection against deportation, a pathway to citizenship, and the opportunity to pursue college, career, and a fulfilling life. Summit Public Schools — through its leaders, teachers and values — is firmly committed to serving all of our students. In the months ahead, Congress will have an opportunity to pass legislation that would protect beneficiaries of the DACA program. I urge them to do so, and strengthen our community for the benefit of all.


On Wednesday, October 11th, all 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT. Ninth grade students will have a late start, and are not expected at school until 11:30am. Those who show up will before this time will have Personalized Learning Time. The PSAT is an amazing opportunity for students to practice for the real SAT! All students will receive PSAT scores, and this will tell them what they need to work on before taking the real assessment. The PSAT is a low stakes test, as scores will not hurt against students – it’s really for practice! That said, if students do exceptionally well, they can qualify for scholarships. Please make sure all students are on time, with pencils and a calculator. Students will learn more about the PSAT in upcoming mentor lessons. Also, all 11th grade students have access to an online SAT/PSAT prep program, so definitely encourage them to practice at home!


We are looking forward to another great week. Happy Sunday,

The Olympus School Leadership Team
Greg Ponikvar, Alex Horowitz, and Jessica Miranda