Family Newsletter August 6, 2018

Family Newsletter August 6, 2018

Our Team!

We have such a strong group of teachers this year and can’t wait for your students to meet them. We are proud to announce that 88% of our staff from last year has returned! And, we have a handful of great new teachers. Some  have come across the country to work with you students and others were born and raised in Tacoma. We have spent the last two-weeks together planning for an incredibly strong start to the school year! We are all eager for the year to start.

Mandatory Registration Day (August 18th)!

Please mark your calendar for August 18th from 10am-2pm. We will be having a Mandatory Registration Day and catered BBQ! All families must attend. It will be your opportunity to make sure all forms are turned in before the first day of school, get new Summit Swag, meet new teachers, get your year-long schedules, have great food and receive your ORCA card. This is will be the only day ORCA cards will be available before school starts. Parents must come with the student. If you have any questions, please contact the front desk.

New Student Orientation & First Day of School

All new students must attend New Student Orientation on Monday, August 20th. The building will open at 8:00am and activities start promptly at 8:30am. Students will have the opportunity to meet their peers and teachers, learn about the Olympus experience, and pick up their computers. The day is designed to be incredibly engaging and fun – we want all new students to have a wonderfully positive experience! Our orientation is marked by games, laughter, and genuine connection. We’ll end the day with a group lunch (which we will provide) and students will be dismissed at noon. The first day of school for all students is Tuesday, August 21st. Breakfast starts at 8am and classes start at 8:15!

Calendar & Schedule

Classes will start at 8:15am this year and run to 3:20pm. We’ll also have an early release every Friday at 1:40pm. Just like last year, we’ll have “Blue Days” and “Gold Days” that associate with different classes for students and will alternate in order. As always, students are expected to be to classes on-time every day! Please check out our bell schedule and year long calendar below.

Hard copies of all of these schedules will also be available at Mandatory Registration Day and at the front desk.

Supplies List

While every student will receive a ChromeBook when they return to school, there are some basic supplies all students should come prepared with on the first day of school. Specifically, everybody will need:

  • A way to organize class materials. Here are some options:
    • – A 6-Subject Notebook, OR
    • – A binder with loose leaf paper and 6 dividers (one for each course), OR,
    • – Six, single-subject notebooks,
  • Pens and/or pencils, based on student preference,
  • Applicable study materials, possibly including,
    • – Flash cards,
    • – Post-it’s,
    • – Different colors of pens and highlighters,


Free Physicals for Sports Players!

All Tacoma students, grade K-12 interested in participating in intramural, recreational or school sports are invited to attend this FREE Sports Physical and Health Fair, Thursday, August 16 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.

Two Locations!   
Lincoln High School
701 S. 37th Street, Tacoma
Baker Middle School
8001 South J Street, Tacoma

At these locations, you can get…

  • – Sports Physicals (Distance eye screening, height/weight, blood pressures, and physical exam provided by doctors.)
  • – Immunizations
  • – Dental Screenings

Students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Paperwork can be completed upon arrival.

Spread The Word About Summit Olympus!

We are still enrolling students in every grade level! If you know any prospective students and families, please bring them with you on August 18th to our Mandatory Registration Day community event! Or, simply have them call the office to set up a tour and learn more about our school.
Of course, potential families can learn more about our school at


For those of you who are excited to begin reading more details about our school, you can find all the information you could ever want here in our Handbook. We’ll ask that ever family read and sign the front agreement form by August 24th.  We will send home a hard copy of the forms at the beginning of the school year with your student.


Staying In Touch

As the school year goes on, you can expect to hear from Summit Olympus in a number of ways. We’ll communicate through phone calls, text messages, mailers, and online. Here are a few important resources for you to bookmark now!


    • – Bi-Weekly/Monthly Newsletters – every two- to four-weeks, Olympus will send out a Newsletter with important high-level events and information for families.


  • Most Importantly – please always reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, thoughts, or anything you’d like to be addressed. Our team works hard to be responsive to all of our our families. You can contact any member of our team by looking up their emails here or simply calling the front desk at (253) 444-9781.

Summit Olympus Leadership Team