Family Newsletter 9/4/17

Family Newsletter 9/4/17


Hi families! We hope you had a great Labor Day. We have just a few quick highlights and updates for the week.


Office Hours: Students Tyshawn, Gabe, and Jullian work hard on math after school in Ms. Reynolds first Office Hours session! Office Hours are held every week by each teacher, and students are strongly encouraged to go to get extra support after school.
Mentor Group Team Building: Mr. Ryan’s 9th grade mentor (below) group participates in a Team Building activity before beginning their studying for the morning. Students objective is to practice each other’s names while tossing the ball as quickly as possible between each member. The game evolves to lead to group problem solving and creative thinking, as they got their time down to 4.8 seconds. It’s really exciting to see our new mentor groups forming their culture!

Athletic Director Jumping In (right)! Coach Chris greets students in the morning as they begin their basketball game. He has been working hard to get to know every student and is actively building basketball and volleyball teams as the year goes on. We are so incredibly grateful for his dedication, and can’t wait to share more about sports with you soon! (Also, notice that we have four new outside benches for students! – thanks Mr. Guzman!)


As you know, we’ll be going camping with all of our students on Thursday, 9/14 to Friday, 9/15. On this trip, students will be bonding with their mentor groups, participating in Olympics, getting to know other students, and enjoying the great outdoors. More information will come for students next week about this. But, the fun doesn’t have to stop with them!
Are you interested in attending? Olympus can always use parent volunteers on trips like this to support with logistics and community. If you are interested in helping out, please attend a Family Volunteer Camping Trip Meeting on Wednesday at 6:30pm at Summit Olympus or email Jessica Miranda <>! We are excited for all the help that we can get, specifically with preparing meals, setting up breakout trip events, taking pictures, and helping with smooth logistics. This is a great chance to meet other Summit Olympus families and do some community building of your own with other families as well.
Thanks for considering supporting our camping trip!


If you are a new parent to Summit Olympus and want to learn the ropes, we are here to help! Come to learn about what to expect during the flow of the year, how you can access your student’s Summit Learning Plan and support their progress at home, and how you can be involved and support the school as a parent. You will also have an opportunity to connect with your student’s mentor and provide feedback on how we can best support your child (Note: returning families are welcome if you’d like a refresher, though it’s not required).



Thanks for reading! We are excited for another great upcoming week with your students.
The Olympus School Leadership Team
Greg Ponikvar, Alex Horowitz, and Jessica Miranda