Summit Olympus High School is a Tuition-free Public School

We are open to all students in Tacoma and the surrounding areas such as Gig Harbor, Federal Way, Puyallup, etc.

We offer a Unique Approach

Teachers provide consistent and actionable feedback to empower students with tangible solutions.

Olympus students access all assignments and assessments on an assigned laptop – which is provided during their time at Summit Olympus as an investment in their success. This allows students to move ahead in areas of strength – and slowdown in areas of challenge.

1:1 Mentoring

Mentoring helps students develop the trust and confidence that allows them to take risks, ask for help, and persevere. Students meet one-on-one with a dedicated mentor who knows them deeply and supports them in setting – and achieving their goals, all the way through college acceptance. Students also join a mentor group, which provides a safe, diverse, and close-knit setting for building community and developing habits of success.

You Be You

Individualized, self-paced learning helps students uncover their unique style so they are prepared for success. Also, with the freedom to collaborate, students can customize learning opportunities such as clubs and courses based on their interest and future goals.

Learn How You Learn

Students can’t be expected to retain everything they learn, but if they understand how to learn and the way they learn, they gain access to unlimited knowledge and opportunity. By tackling real-world problems, students put their learning into action and explore possible career paths.

College Readiness

Every student participates in a college readiness courses that address applications, grants, loans, financial-aid, work-study, essays, recommendations, and more. Our Class of 2019 had a 100% graduation rate and 100% of them were accepted to one – or more four-year colleges.


Difference is valued at Summit Olympus! We encourage students to express and share their culture, while being aware they have the power to impact social change. We are proud of our diverse student body which is roughly made up of 35% Latino/Hispanic, 25% African American, 25% Caucasian, and 15% that identify with multiple cultures.