Greg Ponikvar

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Greg Ponikvar

School Leader

Greg’s passion for education began at his own large, diverse public high school where he witnessed how the quality of educational experiences can dramatically affect lives, for better or for worse. Since then, he has devoted his life to the creation of outstanding learning experiences for all young people. Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in education and history from UC Santa Barbara while working full-time as a community service officer, teacher, and tutor for at-risk youth. Following graduation from Stanford’s teacher education program, Greg helped build Everest Public High School as its founding history teacher. In 2013, the same year his mentees graduated and headed off to college, Greg earned his National Board Certification in History/Social Sciences. Most recently, Greg was the creator and executive director of the Summit Expeditions program, leading a highly passionate team of teachers across all 7 Summit schools in the Bay Area. Greg then jumped at the chance to move to Washington and be a part of the team establishing the first charter schools of the state. He is excited to be a part of building a new public school in Tacoma that will inspire and serve any and all students who choose to attend, no matter their backgrounds, abilities, or passions.