Summit Olympus Curriculum

Our curriculum prepare all students for success in college and career.

Our academic program exceeds the requirements to apply for a 4-year university and college, include the University of California’s A-G requirements. While most students take the same courses in the same grade level, we deeply value personalized learning and each course supports students individually and aligns their daily work with their long-term goals. Students often have the opportunity to choose topics that interest them within a project, and teachers help them engage with activities that balance support and challenge so that every student is growing every day.

High School

  9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Social Science World Studies I World Studies II AP US History AP Government
English English 9 English 10 AP English Language and Composition AP English Literature and Composition
Math* Math I Math II Math III Finite Mathemataics
AP Calculus
Bridge to College
Science Biology Physics Chemistry AP Environmental Science
Spanish** Spanish courses as appropriate. See “Foreign Language” section below.
Electives Health or Art Health or Art College Readiness, Health or Art Health or Art or Misc Elective

* While the vast majority of 9th graders will be appropriately challenged by Math I, students may accelerate to Math II if they demonstrate proficiency in Math 1 through various tests at the start of school. In 12th grade, students have the option to take both AP Statistics and AP Calculus if they meet requirements that show their ability to meet the demands of the course load.

** At Summit Olympus, the world language we offer is Spanish. Spanish fluency is highly valuable in the context of today’s society, which is why we have focused our foreign language offering in this way. We offer four Spanish courses: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, and AP Spanish Language. Students are placed in the appropriate course on the basis of the course they took the previous year or a survey they complete at the beginning of the school year. Most students who are new to Spanish start in Spanish 1. Most students who speak Spanish at home start in Spanish 3. Students who have previously studied Spanish in school will be placed into the most appropriate level. Depending on their Spanish placement and their long term goals, students may or may not take Spanish in any particular academic year.

Electives at Summit Olympus


At Summit, electives are designed to help students discover talents, practice the Habits of Success, and find joy in school. We achieve these objectives by exposing students to a variety of topics and classroom activities taught by teachers for whom the subject is their passion.

Successful Electives courses should ignite student passions and put students who are not always immediately successful in an academic environment into leadership or mentorship positions within their community.
Electives courses can be offered within four clusters: Health and Wellness, Arts and Performance, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and Leadership and Social Change. Each electives teacher teaches at least two courses.

The Electives offered this year at Olympus are Health and Art.


Electives courses happen for 90 minute periods two-three days a week during the normal school day.

Students take one electives course in first semester and one electives course in second semester. Each elective course counts for a full credit.


Electives classes are led by Electives teachers who are full-time, site-based faculty members. Most electives teachers also serve as mentors.


Electives are meant to both bring joy to a student’s day and allow students to practice key cognitive skills and habits in a non-traditional academic environment. At Olympus, we’ve also carefully chosen electives that align to Washington State graduation requirements.


In Electives classes, students are expected to meet our expectations to maintain a safe community and our expectations to engage in learning.

2018-19 Expeditions Courses


2D/3D Visual Arts and the Community

This course will be driven by experimentation and creative problem solving. Students will learn how to use a variety of media, materials, tools, and techniques to visually depict images, ideas, moods, and tones. Students will explore artists from the past and how those artists will compare with their contemporaries. Each project will have a connection to how art plays a vital part in influencing our community and the purpose in why we create art. This course will include students creating a portfolio of their own work with an end of the year art gallery show to showcase the work created in class. This course will also reflect projects that engage art making for the community or to beautify a space with the artwork that they will be creating. A focus on art skills will be a high focus in this course to challenge students to become the best artist they can be.

Health and Well-being

Students in Health & Well-Being will be obtaining, interpreting and understanding basic health information and using available information to make appropriate health-related decisions. They will understand preventive physical and mental health measures, including proper diet, nutrition, exercise, risk avoidance and stress reduction. In addition, the course objectives include having a better understanding of one’s own body in regards to anatomy and physiology and being able to utilize the information and material from this course to know how to take care of one’s self in order to be the ‘best version of you possible. Students will create, develop, and implement a healthy lifestyle plan that includes exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery. In short, this goal of this course is to give the students the knowledge they deserve about fitness, nutrition, sexual education, substance use and abuse, public health initiative, financial health, and health literacy. It is my hope that students will walk away from the course feeling as if they had a general understanding of eall students will be inspirited to continued their self-exploration on many of these important life topics!